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Annotate Section

Pre-Packaged Configuration Functions

In general, as in the above example, we write our own function to implement a directive. but this is not always necessary. In the common case of a directive that simply set a field in the directory config, we can use one of the pre-packaged functions: ap_set_string_slot, ap_set_string_slot_lower, ap_set_int_slot, ap_set_flag_slot, ap_set_file_slot to set a field, according to the type of the field to be set. To use these fields, we need to pass the field to be set in the data pointer, so a declaration looks like:
AP_INIT_TAKE1("MySimpleDirective", ap_set_int_slot, (void*)APR_OFFSETOF(my_dir_cfg, myintvar), OR_ALL, "Set something") ;
where myintvar is an integer member of the my_dir_cfg struct.