mod_annot editor

Annotate Section

The Solution

The basic solution adopted is to make each article a single XML file, containing all the data and metadata relevant to the article (except history information). The XML format adopted contains three types of data:

  • XHTML (namespace for display
  • DublinCore (namespace for metadata
  • Annot (namespace for annotation and document management information. This is the only new markup introduced by this system.

Documents are presented using Apache's namespace support (mod_xmlns), based on a SAX parser that dispatches to different namespace handlers. A new namespace module mod_annot_view was developed to handle the annotations namespace. A second module mod_annot was developed to edit the articles. Other elements of the site development are a DTD used to validate document edits, and site design elements including CSS and Javascript.

The core of the system is therefore the design of the annotations namespace and document structure, and the implementation of the editor.