mod_annot editor

Annotate Section

Interactive Features

Permissions Framework
The system should permit or deny privilege to annotate or edit it, and should different levels of access to different users, including anonymous users where appropriate. It should be possible for each document to have its own permissions.
Editing facilities
Subject to permissions, it should be possible to edit the markup of a section and to add an annotation (margin-note) to a section.
Granular comment framework
It should be possible to edit or annotate sections individually, and to attach annotations to the section to which they apply. Structurally each section is an independent unit.
Concurrency Management
It is essential that concurrency is properly managed. In addition to locking a document for updates, any change or annotation to a section must be coordinated to avoid the risk of conflicting changes. Changes to different sections of a document are not considered to be in conflict, even if made simultaneously.
Strong versioning (such as provided by CVS) is not a requirement, but it should at least be possible for a document owner and/or system administrator to restore an older version if required. It should mark annotations as old once the section has been updated to reflect the comments.