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Debugging your Proxy Configuration

The above is a simple case taken from mod_proxy_html version 1. With the more complex URLmapping and rewriting enabled by Version 2, you may need a bit of help setting up a complex ruleset, perhaps involving a series of complex regexps, chained anc blocking rules, etc. To help with setting up and troubleshooting your rulesets, mod_proxy_html 2 provides a "debug" mode, in which all the 'interesting' things it does are written to the Apache error log. To analyse and fix your rulesets, set

        ProxyHTMLLogVerbose On
        LogLevel Info   (or LogLevel Debug)

Now run your testcases through your rulesets, and examine the apache error log for details of exactly how it was processed.

Do not leave ProxyHTMLLogVerbose On for normal use. Although the effect is marginal, it is an overhead.