mod_annot editor

Annotate Section

Extended URL Mapping

The previous section sets up remapping of HTML URLs, but leaves any URL encountered in a Stylesheet or Script untouched. mod_proxy_html doesn't parse Javascript or CSS, so dealing with URLs in them requires text-based search-and-replace. This is enabled by the directive ProxyHTMLExtended On.

Because the extended mode is text-based, it can no longer guarantee to match exact URLs. It's up to you to devise matching rules that can pick out URLs, just as if you were writing an old-fashioned Perl or PHP regexp-based filter (though of course it's still massively more efficient than performing search-and-replace on an entire document in-memory). To help with this, ProxyHTMLExtended supports both simple text-based and regular expression search-and-replace, according to the flags. You can also use the flags to specify rules separately for HTML links, scripting events, and embedded scripts and stylesheets.

A second key consideration with extended URL mapping is that whereas an HTML link contains exactly one URL, a script or stylesheet may contain many. So instead of stopping after a successful match, the processor will apply all applicable mapping rules. This can be stopped with the L (last) flag.