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We haven't dealt with caching in this article. In a company-intranet situation, the connection from the proxy to the application servers is the local LAN, which is probably fast and has ample capacity. In such cases, caching at the proxy will have little effect, and can probably be omitted.

If we want to cache pages, we can of course do so with mod_cache But that is beyond the scope of this article.

Content Transformation

Another powerful use for a proxy is to transform the content on-the-fly according to the user's preferences. This author's flagship mod_accessibility product (from which mod_proxy_html is a spinoff) serves to transform HTML and XHTML on-demand to enhance usability and accessibility.

Filtering and Security

A reverse proxy is not the natural place for a "family filter", but is ideal for defining access controls and imposing security restrictions. We could, for example, configure the proxy to recognise a custom header from an origin server and block content based on it. This delegates control to the application servers.