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Basic Concepts

The basic concepts we are dealing with are the bucket and the brigade. Let us first introduce them, before moving on to why and how to use them.


A bucket is a container for data. Buckets can contain any type of data. Although the most common case is a block of memory, a bucket may instead contain a file on disc, or even be fed a data stream from a dynamic source such as a separate program. Different bucket types exist to hold different kinds of data and the methods for handling it. In OOP terms, the apr_bucket is an abstract base class from which actual bucket types are derived.

There are several different types of data bucket, as well as metadata buckets. We will describe these at the end of this article.


In normal use, there is no such thing as a freestanding bucket: they are contained in bucket brigades. A brigade is a container that may hold any number of buckets in a ring structure. The brigade serves to enable flexible and efficient manipulation of data, and is the unit that gets passed to and from your filter.