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Configuration Functions

An essential component of every directive is the function implementing it. Normally the function serves to set some data field(s) in one of the config structs. The function prototype for AP_INIT_TAKE1 is the same, regardless of whether we're setting per-server or per-directory config:
const char* my_first_cmd_func(cmd_parms* cmd, void* cfg, const char* arg)

cmd is a cmd_parms_struct comprising a number of fields used internally by Apache and available to modules. Fields likely to be of interest in modules include:

  • void* info - contains my_ptr from the command declaration
  • apr_pool_t* pool - pool for permanent resource allocation
  • apr_pool_t* temp_pool - pool for temporary resource allocation
  • server_rec* server - the server rec

cfg is the directory config rec, and arg is an argument to the directive set in the configuration file we are processing.

Thus, if we are setting per-directory configuration, we just cast the cfg argument, whereas if we are setting per-server configuration we need to retrieve it from the server_rec: