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Configuration Function Types

The above example used the AP_INIT_TAKE1 macro, which defines a function having a singe string argument. This is one of several such macros defined in http_config.h:

  • AP_INIT_NO_ARGS (no args)
  • AP_INIT_FLAG (a single On/Off arg)
  • AP_INIT_TAKE1 (a single string arg)
  • AP_INIT_TAKE2, AP_INIT_TAKE3, AP_INIT_TAKE12, etc - directives taking different numbers of string args
  • AP_INIT_ITERATE (function will be called repeatedly with each of an unspecified number of arguments)
  • AP_INIT_ITERATE2 (function will be called repeatedly with two arguments)
  • AP_INIT_RAW_ARGS (function will be called with args unprocessed)

This gives module authors a choice of simple prototypes, together with the hands-on RAW_ARGS for modules to do their own parsing. Modules using RAW_ARGS should retrieve the arguments using the function ap_getword_conf repeatedly until it returns NULL.