mod_annot editor

Annotate Section

Scope of Configuration

The above example used OR_ALL, to say that MyFirstDirective can be used anywhere in httpd.conf or in any .htaccess file (provided htaccess is enabled on the server). Other options we could have used include:

  • RSRC_CONF - httpd.conf at top level or in a VirtualHost context. All directives using server config should use this, as other contexts are meaningless for a server config.
  • ACCESS_CONF - httpd.conf in a Directory context. This is appropriate to per-dir config directives for a server administrator only, and is often combined (using OR) with RSRC_CONF to allow its use anywhere within httpd.conf.
  • OR_LIMIT, OR_OPTIONS, OR_FILEINFO, OR_AUTHCFG, OR_INDEXES - extend to allow use of the directive in .htaccess according to AllowOverride setting.